The Michael Sherwood Award for Burger Analytics: Alison Dannenberg (Peer Music)

Most Ground-Breaking Burger Blogger: Patrick Clancy (West One)

The Blue Steel Award/Best Burger Pose: Talia Rubino (WMG)

The Longfellow Award for Superior Burger Ballot Commentary: Geoff Siegel (Fundamental)

The Most Likely To Have Beef with…Award: Vitaly Shenderovsky (Roc Nation)

Meatin’ + Greetin’ Award for Best Netburger: Alex Valenti (Direct Management)

BEU Embassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Beef Relations: Paul Rocha (Little Assembly)

BEU’s 2017 Best Burger Restaurant of the Year: The Fix Burger (Silverlake)

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