Fun was had by all at the last BEU gathering at Bar Angeles; although, not all were pleased with the burgers. Names will be left off to protect their identity but some comments I heard were “…this makes me feel that BEU has run its course and we need to shift gears to become ‘Cheese Eaters United’”.   After I made a comment saying my burger was pretty good someone responded to me by saying “you haven’t eaten all day so a peppermint would be good to you at this point”.  True.  After I devoured my burger and slammed a couple of beers out of hunger and thirst I remembered I actually had to write a review, so I thought back on my experience.

The staff was nice but not too speedy on the delivery.  I was one of the first to order and I think I got my burger a good hour into it.  That didn’t concern me too bad because the space was open, conducive for mingling and the bartenders kept sending me beers so I lost track of time at some point. They’re sneaky.

The bun appeared perfect…nearly too perfect.  It had a perfectly rounded top, golden brown in color, with a shiny glaze. Its perfection made me slightly suspicious. The veggies were fresh and the melted cheese dripped nicely over the edges of the meat.  When I took my first bite I thought “man this is so much better than the bad, cold omelet I had before a breakfast meeting”. But after the second bite I realized that “perfect” bun was dried out and flaky.  Don’t judge a book by its cover nor a burger by its bun, people.  The meat was a bit too dry so it seemed to match the bun. I like my meat cooked just shy of still mooing.   So this definitely wasn’t one of my favs and from the comments I got from others it wasn’t their favorite either.  If this were an album review it would read like this.

Aside from the beef, the folks there that I met gave me a warm LA welcome. Made this Nashville boy feel right at home….so thanks for sharing your dinner table with me and diving into some beef together!

I’ll wrap up by saying that I’m less concerned with this burger than I am to learn of NYC chapters push to try and change the name of BEU to something that is more inclusive of those who don’t like beef.  WHAT???!!  First off, I can’t imagine anyone not liking beef.  Secondly, start your own club.  WE’RE BEEF EATERS AND WE UNITE!!   …that said, all are welcome to join in the festivities even if you like nasty ass veggie “burgers”.  But let’s keep the name alive, people.

Out of 71 people in attendance, here’s how Bar Angeles fared:

Appearance: 7.8064

Patty: 7.5483

Taste: 8

Creativity: 5.7419

Bun: 6.9354

Toppings: 7

Value/Price: 7.8387

Service: 7.7419

TOTAL: 7.3265

And “Old Kanye” beat out “New Kanye” in the “Who would win in a fight?” category.

Additional Comments:

Nyiko: I had the salad. They provided a spoon, fork, and knife.

Dana Wilentz: Simple but effective!

Brayden: Sharp cheddar steals my heart every time, a classic burger.

Jessica Ruoti: We all ate the same burger because there was only one burger in the menu. Stop making us conform, BEU!

binks: This was the perfect amount of cheesy. Much like Peter Wade.

Eric Hurt: BEU piled more people in this room than the condiments on my burger. Well done!!

Peter Wade: Slice 1mm off the cheese thickness and we have quite the burger here. High marks for the pickle accouterments.

Ryan M. Carroll: Very good burger – I’d order it again but I wouldn’t make this place a burger destination.

Paul Rocha: Pretty damn good burger. Just bummed it was a bit cooked more than I wanted but like Donna Summer, I will survive!

Shannon Murphy: I have never taken cheese off my burger before. Also…where the hell was the “house sauce”? Driest burger ever topped with the sharpest cheddar ever.

Vitaly Shenderovsky: The burger was as salty as I was about waiting 45 minutes for it. Fries were good tho…

Michael Persh: Typical bar – which I love. Typical bar burger – which I don’t. But I love you.

Alison Rosenfeld: All my toppings fell off! SHODDY CRAFTSMANSHIP!!

Jon Rosner: Wow!

Danielle Mignogna: More BEUs walking distance from my house, please!

Casey N.: Best burger of my BEU-dom. Yumz

Talia Rubino: Pretty solid burger for a bar. Classic flavors and not overpowered by the toppings. Fried pickles were a good add on. Took a long time for the food, but it’s probably because it’s the busiest this place has been.

Garrett M: I’ve got two tickets to cheeseburger in paradise.

Patrick Clancy: $10 for a burger = ok. $6 for fries = what?

Sherwood: I ordered the burger medium-rare, the bartender misheard that as rare, and the burger arrived charcoal. I’ve had jucier jerky.

Brian V.: Always fun! Big fan of these events. You guys are awesome!

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