Another plus was that the manager unexpectedly comped the deserts at our table.  I was a little wary about how the service was going to be, since when I called to try and set up a reservation the week before, the person who answered the phone was very brief and a little rude.

 Our party was a bit late so our burger gang hung out by the bar while we waited. Our hostess then took care of us and sat us down in the very back where there was ample room for us and a cool ambiance. It was my first time there and a fellow BEU member suggested I get the Hatch Burger (pictured above). I was very impressed at the presentation when I was served. My first bite into the hatch was pretty great. It was definitely above average, but not enough for me to go all out and put 10′s across the board. The taste was rich and it had just enough of a spicy quality for me to like it.  I also had a side of sweet potato fries which were delicious and almost tasted like they were fused in with churros or something else really sweet. I also tasted a fellow BEU member’s cheese truffle fries….Stop everything. This was the best thing I personally tasted at Umami that night. The burst of flavor woke me up! I also got a chance to sample the Tots. Those were quite delicious as well with a bit of cheese in the middle, which made them really unique.

But enough about my experience, let’s check see what other BEU members thought about Umami. For service, I completely agree with one BEU member who mentioned that she was a “solid waitress.” She handled our party of 20 very well and was on top of her game.

As for the side dishes, the member next to me who had the cheese truffle fries said “Dude! The fries upstaged the burger! Bummer!” Another member said the, “Tator Tots were awesome and the onion rings were deliciously crispy.”  Someone else simply said, “Tots!!!“

Now, the burger comments:

“I only eat turkey burgers and these are the best in town!!”

“It melted in my mouth!“

“It had a ‘U’ tramp stamp on top..guess that’s cool and it was small so I liked that but no fireworks.“

“The bun was like Puff-Daddy“.

“$12 is a bit much for such a little burger.“

“The Truffle burger was delicious and perfectly spicy.“


So there you have it. Although we had a great time at Umami, Juicy Burger still is on top by two tenths of a point!  The weaknesses of Umami were the high prices and many members were not impressed with the quality of vegetables.


Out of 17 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Umami Burger fared:

Burger appearance: 8.23
Cooked properly: 7.76
Overall taste: 8
Creativity: 7.85
Bun: 8.29
Toppings: 7
Value: 7
Service: 9

Overall Rating: 7.89 out of 10


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