Yelp says The Six is in “Cheviot Hills” – where is that? Great question. No one truly knows…or cares.

The BEU crew was rolling deep and our servers were welcoming and attentive.  There was sufficient mingling space, albeit tight. One waitress showed a particular fondness toward our giant burger hat – a sign that we were in good company.

In the interest of full transparency, I ordered the Impossible burger – a non-beef patty.

It arrived on my plate with perfectly caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, thousand island, dill pickle, and vegan American cheese. I am not going to lie to you, it was the best vegan burger I’ve had in LA.

The patty was juicy, full of seasoning, and just the right amount of melted cheese. Not to mention, the hand cut fries with the truffle oil hit the spot. The burger was served on two thin flatbreads. I felt like I missed out on a lot of potential bun volume to accompany what was the perfect combination of patty and toppings. My only critique!

Now on the topic of value. My burger and fries combo racked up a bill of $20 plus! A bit on the pricey side, but I was happy to spend the extra coinage for an exceptional flavor experience and even more exceptional community (yes I’m talking about YOU!).

Out of 39 people in attendance, here’s how The Six fared:

Appearance: 8

Patty: 8.25

Taste: 8

Fries/Sides: 6.85

Bun: 7.3

Toppings: 7.8

Value/Price: 6.55

Service: 8.8

TOTAL: 7.6937

And High School Drake beat out Degrassi Drake and Hotline Bling Drake in the “Who would win in a fight?” category.

Additional Comments:

Noah Shimbaum: Turkey burger – great overall, loved how crispy the fries were. Would have again.

Jamin: More beef than Drake and Pusha T and Kanye and Meek Mill.

Dana W.: A haiku for the Stunner Burger: The bun fell apart. But I found bliss despite it. 10 more napkins, please.

Casey N.: Worth the trip to the west side. A little messy, but otherwise this burger was on point.

Jon Hafter: 8:30??! I enjoyed my burger. My brussels sprouts had a ton of balsamic which made me cough a lot!

Jon Rosner: 8:30?

Brayden: YEAH, 8:30, I’M SORRY. Burger was amazing, a little dry though. The fries reminded me of In-n-Out fries x5 and I loved it. Really really good!

Lindsey Odom: I had the tacos…oops?!

Peter Kurczaba: <3 u bro!

Koichi: There should have been Six Drakes to choose from. Come on Brayden.

Kristoph Jeffers: Turkey burger was v good. Fries were meh.

Luke Phillips: VERY very good burg. Turkey burg was v. flavorful and had great texture. TASTY. Perhaps by fave BEU burg yet? I’m extremely pleased.

Nyiko Beguin: The burger was so delicious it almost felt evil. As if it had been summoned by a dark lord. #The666

Sean Johnson: The steak knife through the heart of my burger was quite intimidating, but I survived. Amazing potential, but alas, the patty was way overcooked. Plus on the bacon sauce and truffle aioli.5

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