The last three bites of my burger were the least enjoyable.  It felt like those last three were the saltiest.  Our server was great though. He was on top of his game!  He managed to take care of our whole party without any errors.   Overall the burger was good, but not great and a bit too pricey.

Here are the comments from our BEU members about Short Order:

“ Slightly above average burger.  The Spuds were good though!”

“Liked the homemade pickles”

“Pickles on the burger were good.  Spuds rocked way better than the fries.”

“Burger fell apart.  Knife and fork saved it, and I was able to keep eating by hand.  Fries were quite tasty.”

“This wasn’t that good.  I’m a serious burger eater and I know.”

“I added fried egg, so that made the burger better.”

“Not a fan – these are umami-snobby prices.”

“Bacon flavor overpowered the burger.”


Out of 18 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Short Order fared:

Burger appearance: 7.30

Cooked properly: 6.88

Overall taste: 6.86

Creativity: 6.77

Bun: 7.16

Toppings: 7.11

Value: 5.19

Service: 7.69

Overall Rating: 6.87582 out of 10