We’re so glad they didn’t disappoint.  They delivered a delicious burger that was spot-on and kept everyone in our group happy.

Similar to Bowery, Rosewood Tavern only offers one burger.  The All American Tavern Burger comes with their original old-fashioned thousand island dressing, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and red onion all on a pretzel bun.  Side dish options were steak fries or salad.  From the moment we all took our first bite, we knew that Rosewood was going to have a great score.  At my end of the table, everyone nodded their head in agreement about how great the burger was as we all savored that first bite.  Then the comments about the individual qualities of the burger started up.   The pretzel bun was definitely a nice touch, it was done right,  and it was what most people were talking about on their way out.  Many people had the pretzel bun at The Counter and complained about how bad it was.  I’m glad we came here to try an example of how great it tastes when done correctly.  I don’t recall hearing one bad thing about the burger or service at our table that night.  Although only three comments were written down from our group, everyone I talked to that night said they were thoroughly satisfied.

The good folks over at Rosewood Tavern definitely know what their doing and we’re glad we came through and tried out their burger.

Our BEU team members had nothing but praise for the Rosewood Tavern:

“It’s the bun, dammit!”

“Pretzel bun…Off the charts!!”

“The steak fries were a perfect complement to meal”


Out of 12 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Rosewood Tavern  fared:

Burger appearance: 8.72727

Cooked properly: 8.63636

Overall taste: 8.63636

Creativity: 8

Bun: 9

Toppings: 8.5

Value: 7.81818

Service: 8.81818

Overall Rating: 8.51704 out of 10




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