Look, I get it, you’re a group called Beef Eaters United, you gotta do what you gotta do. Whatever happened to turkey representation?! And on the most sacred month of the year? We’re t-minus two days until Thanksgiving and you’re gonna go to a burger joint to celebrate the holiday? Sometimes I just don’t get you primates! Just fowl, simply fowl.

Feelings aside, Most Valuable Playa had all the fixings of a great burger joint. Well-seasoned meat, a casual and relaxed atmosphere, and most importantly, WEST SIDE REPRESENTATION! It was a cozy, tight-knit group and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way – the beer was flowing, the fries were crispy, the beef was warm. The staff was sweet, the burgers, even sweeter. The MVP burger had incredible toppings that were only outweighed by the taste of the beef itself – pure umami goodness! This turkey’s going to for sure trot on back to here the next time I can make it out to the west side. Gobble gobble.

Out of 8 people in attendance, here’s how The Most Valuable Playa fared:

Appearance: 7.75

Patty: 8

Taste: 8

Fries/Sides: 8

Bun: 8

Toppings: 7.25

Value/Price: 8

Service: 7

TOTAL: 7.75

And Leftover Pizza beat out Leftover Chinese Food and Leftover Turkey in the “Who would win in a fight?” category.

Additional Comments:

Brayden: Cozy night at MVP – I liked it! The beef was SUPER well-seasoned, the fries were spectacular, and the toppings were to die for. Loved it!

Rashad Richardson: Gonna get you that 5-star burger review soon. I couldn’t resist trying “Lord of the Wings” this time around!

Michael Sherwood: It was excellent on their second try! Unfortunately, they overcooked the patty initially. Also, the toppings could use some additional brightness to offset the richness.


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