If you’re looking for variety in selection, definitely don’t head here. They only had three choices for burgers, which were The Burger, Turkey Burger and Veggie Burger.  I ordered the regular burger with a side of fried sweet potato wedges.  I have to say, the first bite into the burger was pretty tasty, but everything following that was a bit questionable. I liked the fact that the burger had bacon in it, good portioning of toppings and the bun had a nice crunch. But, appearance-wise it looked like a disaster! The biggest turn off was that my burger had major bleeding right when I picked it up. Granted, I ordered medium rare but the blood and oil that was coming out of the bottom of my burger was not the best look and that eventually mixed in with my sweet potato wedges. The blood was just too much! The fried sweet potato wedges were probably good for the first three bites but became too heavy, greasy and messy after that.  I probably should have ordered regular fries but I sampled a couple from my neighbor and they weren’t anything amazing either. Overall, I had an experience that was just above average at the Golden State.

Here are some comments from other members of BEU:

“Great hang. Good People. Good meat. (That’s what she said!)”

“Melted in my mouth!”

“Even though the burger came with set toppings, its simplicity makes it a winner.”

“Love this place, for$11 you get the burger and a side. Novel idea.”


Out of 20 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how The Golden State fared:

Burger appearance: 7.875

Cooked properly: 7.625

Overall taste: 7.625

Creativity: 6.4375

Bun: 7.875

Toppings: 7.66

Value: 6.0625

Service: 7.8125

Overall Rating: 7.3724 out of 10



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