As I walked into the place, I immediately noticed the patio, which seemed like the place to be! But for some reason, we were seated inside. Nonetheless, all that place really needed was an Asian guy in a burger hat to take it to the next level.

I ordered the GRB Burger w/ a side of sweet potato tots, but for some bullsh*t reason, they were all out of tots. The service was also a bit slow and when the food finally came it seemed like chaos trying to get people their order. When I finally got my burger, I was ready to sink my teeth into it like Saurez during feeding time.

So let’s start with the bun: was it sprinkled with sesame seeds like the rhinestones on an Ed Hardy shirt? No! Was the bread soft and doughy like the Staypuft marshmallow man? F*ck No! It was very plain and kind of tough to tell if it was toasted or stale.

Now let’s look at the cheese: was it warm, gooey, and meat all my expectations of a piece of cheese thrown on top of a piece of meat? Yup!

On to the veggies: come to think of it, who gives a sh*t about veggies. I joined this club to eat beef!!

Next the Remoulade sauce: Can anyone actually pronounce that properly? I think this is just a fancy French word for Thousand Island dressing

Finally, the patty, a ground short rib and rib eye patty: Were these two parts of a cow precisely separated and sent through the meat grinder and molded together to form the meaty perfection that you would expect from a beef patty? Eh?

I give this burger a solid 6 ½. I think the Thousand Island dressing made taste like a glorified Big Mac, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with those!

As per usual, I had a great night eating beef and drinking with the fine folks of BEU! I would definitely return to this place and even do some day drinking on the patio while rockin my designer BEU shades… Til next time meat eaters!


Additional Comments:

“Kitchen put in work to get the food out fast. GRB Patty was legit.” – Kochi Sanchez

“A good burger so good I’m selfishly going to come again without BEU.” -Garrett McElver

“Solid burger. Tasty dressing. Bun was faling apart. Not a fan of the sweet potato fries.” -Erin Fuentes

“This burger was quite epic – I like the fact that it was a modern spin on a favorite. And the remoulade was awesome! Sides were sort of mixed bag – mozzarella sticks, pretzel – two thumbps up: sweet potato fries, mac and cheese – just ok.  Swag items are dope! I will def wear my sunglasses at night.” -Binks

“The soft pretzel was the real hero of the day.” -Kristin Genaese

“With the exception of the waitress bringing me inferior, regular fries (rather than glorious sweet potato fries), all was A-Ok.” – Kristen Bushnell

“The toppings and makeup of the patty were the strongest elements of the burger. It was a bit overcooked and over salted, and the bun was just slightly too dry. Overall, a pretty good burger, though.” -Michael Sherwood

“McDonald’s Fries :(” – Alison D.


Out of 35 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Golden Road Brewery fared:

Appearance: 7.16
Patty: 6.32
Taste: 7.95
Creativity: 6.7
Bun: 6.1
Toppings: 7.35
Price: 7.45
Service: 7.15

Overall Score: 7.02427