Now, I understand that a group of 20 can be a bit much to handle but we did have a reservation called in a week and a half prior to our arrival.  Either way, the service was very slow and some people even got their food much later after the first person served had finished eating.  The burgers were fairly tasty as the scores show. The best thing Go Burger had on their side was their creativity.  Many people were impressed with their special that night and  I think I counted about 6 people for our table alone ordering that same plate.  It was the Lambo Leap, which featured patty that was made of Mac n Cheese, bacon and grilled onions.  I remember the buns being pretty tasty even down to the last bite, but the bottom was very squishy. Those around me at my table concurred.  Overall, I’d say our experience was about average. It had its fair share of highs and lows but maybe the next visit there will be more enjoyable.

Out of 20 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Go Burger fared:

Burger appearance: 6.6

Cooked properly patty: 6.9
Overall taste: 7.2
Creativity: 7.2
Bun: 6
Toppings freshness: 7
Value: 5.2
Service: 5.5

Overall Rating: 6.702 out of 10




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