I really enjoyed the first couple bites of the burger.  The wasabi mayo and pickled red onions really had a kick that you could taste.  However, halfway through the burger it started to taste about average.  The bun was too fluffy towards the center and the patty seemed to lose its taste.  However, everyone was raving about the Jazz Fries.  Their “crack sauce” tasted like one part horse radish, one part mayonnaise, and three parts crack rock.   It had very tangy and unique taste that made my eyes light up.  The service during the meal was great throughout the whole night.  Our waitress was on top of all our orders and the manager hooked us up with their house sake mixed drink that each table shared.  Thanks Mike and Jasmine!  However, after compiling the scores, Fuku Burger only fared 6th place on the BEU leader board.

Here are the comments from our BEU members about Fuku Burger:

“Jazz Fries!!!  Jazz Fries!!!  Jazz Fries!!!  Jazz Fries!!!”

“The Jazz Fries were amazing!”

“Fried egg was aight.  Cracksauce = Da Bomb”

“Should have ordered the #1…had the mushroom burger and wasn’t crazy about it.  Normally, I love saucy but not on this burger.  I couldn’t taste the beef!  Sorry Fuku.”

“Awesome fries.”


“I’ve had better!”

“Mike is awesome!  Drinks rule!”

“This is place is great! There are no veggie options here.  Yet the waitress accommodated me and the chef made an amazing egg burger and it is worth nothing that as gross as it sounds, the egg burger was delicious! Yay Fuku!”


Out of 25 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Fuku Burger fared:

Burger appearance: 7.95

Cooked properly: 8

Overall taste: 8.2

Creativity: 7.68421

Bun: 7.75

Toppings: 7.11765

Value: 7.31579

Service: 9.05

Overall Rating: 7.88346 out of 10


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