Fat Dog started as a canine outta 10.

Burger hat on my head, with the night to begin.


Wonderland beer in one hand. nine dollars the cost.

But The Burger in the other, needed a lil more sauce.


Manchego. Onions. Medium Rare.

Arugula, Buns –

Didn’t knock me outta my chair.

Donut get me wrong, the burger was fine

but the appetizer dish had stolen all the shine:


Potato skins with crisp pork belly on top

Pepper jack cheese, ate the whole lot.

Shoutout to Hopeless Records,

for letting me cop.


Final review is a seven outta ten,

for decent presentation, great beer, and yummy pork belly my friend.

Donut out.

The end.

Out of 60 people in attendance, here’s how Fat Dog fared:

Appearance: 7.9024

Patty: 8.1951

Taste: 7.8292

Creativity: 5.756

Bun: 7.6585

Toppings: 7.1707

Value/Price: 7.3414

Service: 8.2926

Total: 7.5182

“Snoopy” beat out “Snoop Dogg” and “Snoop Lion” in the “Who would win in a fight?” category.

Additional Comments:

Jaden Larue: Yesss to all of it.

Mike Carolen: I’m a fan!

Alex Waters: Burger was kind of greasy. Bun was perfectly round, soft and puffy. Fries were good.

Brayden: Free potato skins? Stupid good patty? Cheap drinks? Phat.

Jess Ruoti: Interesting choice in skillets? Also, just one burger?

Josh Epple: Big into the extra skins.

Liz Rogers: The aioli sauce made the fries :) only one burger choice? I think they were a little overwhelmed.

Bridget: I wish there were a couple more choices.

Danielle Mignogna: Big, shiny bun! Unsure of the manchego at first but glad I didn’t try to substitute. Ate the whole thing, but it’s cool, I’ll be at the gym in the morning.

Paul Rocha: Ok, so this place made it to my top 10 of the past year. Maybe it’ll creep up to the tops. Very greasy but damn good.

Hannah Davis: I had the alternative (veggie) burger. Overall, it was very tasty. I did not like the sprouts on it, and the aioli was not great. But nice patty, bun and avocado!

Hunter George: Initial taste is quite flavorful, gives off a “Hi, I’m a burger!” Overall great but was cooked extremely rare. Well seasoned on the outside, but nothing on the inside.

Vitaly Shenderovsky: Despite the fact that it’s ON THE MENU, they wouldn’t let me add an egg to my burger because “There are too many of [us]”. Really? It’s one egg bro, come on! The burger was fine tho…

Maeve Brophy: Honestly such a good, basic burger. Would bring a date here. Good fries.

Michael Persh: Daringly rare! …which really worked. Ooooh, shiny bun so shiny.

Paul Crary: Bun was worth it!

Michael Sherwood: Perfectly cooked and high quality ingredients but the patty was under-seasoned. Overall excellent.

Natasha Albert: Grease monster.

Tiffany Su: Thankful for dogs. That’s all. Shout out to Buddy the English Bulldog!

Patrick Clancy: It was pretty good. Super full.

Katie Colley: No pickles – very important. Really enjoyed the fries, overall presentation was superb.

Koichi: The one to beat. Perfect buns.

Isabella Russo: The fries tho!

Talia Rubino: Burger was good, but I ordered it medium and it came out rare :( fries were great. I wanted to see more dogs though.

Garrett M.: I’ve missed the last few BEU’s and this was a terrific return to the group!

Andrew Hawthorne: Manchego cheese is a rare choice and I love it. My bun was very shiny.

Taylor Olson: I had the alternative burger and it was BOMB.

Jamin: The burger meat was the best part, but the rest left a bit to be desired…

Hailey Johnson: Lil bland…but hey, my drink was $4…

Tina C.: Meh

Tim Bern: I like the skillet that my burger arrived in. The fries were good and burger all around tasty.

binks: This was surprisingly delicious, considering the number of people and the bar sensibility. My buttered brioche bun was delicious enough that I ate it alone (fat, sad, don’t judge me), and didn’t even finish my patty. Patty itself was overcooked and, a few bites in, had little flavor.

Madonna Wade-Reed: Liked the peppery arugula against the buttery bun.

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