As I passed through the doors of Eden Burger Bar, I noticed velvet wallpaper and a décor scheme slightly reminiscent of a high-class bat mitzvah which made me a little apprehensive…but my seat was comfortable and the restaurant easily accommodated our large party.  After picking up the menu, I realized there was some serious burger science going on here – all sorts of crazy combinations to delight and confuse the senses.  The Firehouse burger, for example, boasted bacon and jack cheese topped with avocado mayonnaise and pickled veggies.  The Rehab saddled sweet potato and sausage hash with a fried egg and they also offered a boar burger with apple compote.  They did not, however, have any mustard in the entire restaurant.  I have beef with that.

I decided to go the “build your own” route and ordered a simple medium-rare burger with smoked gouda, lettuce and tomato.  The burger was pretty and came enclosed in a shiny brioche bun.  However, I wasn’t as impressed as I was hoping to be.  The texture of the patty seemed cooked from frozen…missing that ‘crispy on the outside, moist and fatty on the inside’ taste we all love.  The smoked gouda didn’t really pop for me either and because of that, my burger experience fell flat.  The truffle fries, on the other hand, were a revelation.  I dug that they weren’t overwhelmed by truffle flavor and instead just slightly accented with it.  The little guys were light and crunchy, without being too much like a potato chip, and I was all about them.

Though my personal burger experience was a little lackluster, the buzz around Eden was that everyone who ordered straight off the menu really enjoyed themselves.  I can only blame myself for attempting to take the road less traveled by.  And next time, I’m bringing my own mustard.


UPDATE:  Mr. Eden himself, owner of Eden Burger Bar, wanted to make sure all BEU readers know his burgers are not cooked from frozen – they’re actually 35 day dry-aged beef patties delivered fresh daily from cow-storks.


 Additional Comments:

“Duck burger – medium.  Delish!  So happy it’s in my hood.” -Koichi

“Service was excellent and alternative decor was a little much, but the burger matched the vibe.  We like pillows.” G S Sweeney

“I took lots of selfies against the wallpaper in the bathroom.  Glamour baby.” -A. Monty

“While the avocado mayo was not up to par, the overall burger experience was an enjoyable one.” – K. Bushnell

“The fig burger was the best thing that’s happened to me all week…” -J. Hale

“No mustard!! What is this??” -J. Shuman

“I ate the firehouse the house spicy bacon was muy delicious.” -B. Mandel

“Crispy prosciutto really tied this together nice!  The bun was a bummer, but I’d definitely come back.” -J. Briggs

“I wasn’t really feeling their set of options so did BYO, BTW, FYI.” -C. Restivo

“The bun was too top-heavy, resulting in the bottom half coming apart as I ate the burger.  The burger as a whole was also slightly too gooey, but otherwise it was excellent!” -M. Sherwood

“Yumm!” -Nofui

” I got here late but they did their best to get my burger out fast.  It was beautiful – lettuce tomato bacon.  All the flavors were there.  Worth the trip.  Fries were good too.  Best place so far. ” -M. Montiel

“Despite the atmosphere being somewhere between IHOP & the Playboy Mansion, great food!” -M. Persh

“Last night a burger saved my life.” -R. Francis

“Binks and I split the fig (great) & rehab (F-ing amazing) truffle fries (yummy).  Whoever picked this place is my personal hero.” -I. Pappani

“The rehab burger was maybe one of the best burgers I’ve ever had!  The remoulade dipping sauce was ca-razy good.  Three words:  MAPLE. MUSTARD. MAYONNAISE.  Who knew GLEN-FUCKING-DALE would crush so hard?  Every burger looked like the glamour shots of burgers.  I swear, they all looked like menu pictures!  They were perfectly spherical.  It was nutbar.” – Binks


Out of 28 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Eden Burger Bar fared:

Appearance: 8.72
Patty: 8.78
Taste: 8.72
Creativity: 8
Bun: 7.28
Veggies: 7.47
Price: 8.12
Service: 8.54
Who would win in a fight?
Mr. Belding – 11
Ed Rooney– 18

Overall Score: 8.20609