However, after being ridiculed worse than a Paris Hilton rap track, that changed quickly and I ate beef like the rest of the merry crew. What a joshing I got THAT evening! Having learned that lesson, here is my excellently written review of our BEU experience at Comme Ça in West Hollywood.

When walking into Comme Ça, our group was greeted pretty quickly and split up as to accommodate the large number of diners that we had with us. We ordered drinks, which, while I cannot speak for everyone else, but mine was tasty if a bit overpriced however. While we chatted and greeted each other, the wait staff came and took our orders for our burgers and how we’d like them cooked. Up to bat was the house burger, the Comme Ça Burger, which came with french fries or, as they are properly called, pommes frites.

If you know me, and most of you don’t, you know that I like to keep it real. So let’s just get to it — the pommes frites AKA french fries were the BEST part of the evening. I took an informal poll while I had the burger hat on of what people thought of their burgers, and most all agreed that while the burger wasn’t terrible at all, the fries definitely took the crown for the evening. They were excellently cooked — crispy on the outside, soft but firm in the middle, great temperature upon arrival, and seasoned well.

However, since this is about the burger, let’s talk about that. I didn’t find this burger particularly memorable at all. The meat was cooked well and at the temperature that I ordered. The condiments were fresh. However, the whole burger felt very bland. There was no singular spice or taste that jumped out while you ate the burger. In fact, the one memorable take away from this presentation was the bread. I asked the waitress about the bread, and she said that it was a brioche that they made in house, and let me tell you, it was tasty. I dipped the bread in the house aioli or spread that came with the burger and/or fries, and it was way more interesting  than the burger itself.

So overall, Comme Ça had a nice presentation and ambience, but in the end, the burger felt overpriced and a little unsatisfactory. None of the BEU’ers seemed to be particularly impressed with the offering — but I’d go back for the french fries in a heart beat. While fresh ingredients are always appreciated, so is an extra attention to flavor, and that’s the one thing Comme Ça’s burger seemed to be missing.

That’s all folks! Until next time!

 Additional Comments:

The bun was perfect, the construction was a bit shaky, and while the texture of the patty was excellent, the flavor was a bit tangier than I’d like. -M. Sherwood

Best of the past 2 years! -J. Rabinowitz

Comme Ca rules! -B. Lavelle

This place is ridiculous. I’m glad Rebecca planned it.  PS: Sabrina (our server) was awesome and super into our ballot process.  -Binks

All my life I thought I had expensive taste until I ate this burger.  Then I realized I like cheap burger. -P.Perera

The garlic dipping sauce could change lives. -A. Colvin

Gotta have pickles… -S. Lorenzen

Overall great burger.  Fuck yeah coleslaw! -S. Rosen

Good.  Pricey.  -J. Spence

Out of 27 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Comme Ca fared:

Appearance: 8.39
Patty: 8.30
Taste: 7.68
Creativity: 6.04
Bun: 8.04
Veggies: 6.35
Price: 5.08
Service: 8.39
Who would win in a fight?
Michael Bolton the Singer – 7
Michael Bolton from Office Space – 15

Overall Score: 7.28