Out of 22 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Cassells fared:

Appearance: 7.78
Patty: 8.25
Taste: 8.43
Creativity: 5.75
Bun: 8.09
Toppings: 7.42
Price: 6.43
Service: 8.73
Overall Score: 7.61403

Additional Comments:

A tasty no frills burger. The patty was seasoned well and the bun toasted perfectly. – Sally Chung

Brings back memories of my favorite hamburgers at the state fair! -Desiree Autobee

A la mode means the same thing in every restaurant right? Full experience w beer + pic + shake – who needs fries?? -Chip D.

Rebecca’s score card is about as funny as the end of “The Fault In Our Stars”. -Cheapshot

Loved this joint. As a newbie to LA it was really great to come eat at this table. This group has been really amazing to come to as someone that moved crosscountry for a new job – great networking and making friends. Luv it! -Jill P.

The burger was cooked exceptionally well and had a delicious flavor. Huge points for the deliciously fresh vegetable toppings as well. -Joe Mondry

This place THROWS DOWN. Thank God it’s open again. Everyone is coming back here, right? And staff is super on it. 100000000% deeeelicious. PS: Jackie Shuman said to me: “I would much rather eat this pie forever than ever have sex again.” -Binks

Their milkshakes brought 12 boys to the yard. If Saul Williams wasn’t playing the Roxy tonight, them milkshakes may have yielded more. Oh, the burger? Eh. – Lauren Reynaldo

BOMB! -Soens

Salt & pepper burger…just the way I like it. -Priya Perera

Cheapshot – this place is great! Though I dunno why they feel the need to start serving fries – supply and demand I suppose. I’m all about keeping it true to the ORIGINAL! -Dasmarie

I really enjoyed the….whoa…look at that rotating pie case…..mmmmm….rotating pie. -Dr. Christopher J Restivo, III, ESQ.

The patty was overcooked, but had a perfect crust and was well-seasoned. Definitely approached the apex of burger-ness for me. Sides were excellent. -Michael Sherwood

After the first bite I forgot they didn’t have fries. Halfway through I forgot about the bad things but then there was no more burger. -Chris Piccaro

This place is the tops till someone runs a red light and drives through the front door. His acknowledgement speech alone deserves the win. -Aaron Monty

Love that they asked how do you want your burger cooked. No fries :( and a bit overpriced. -Brian Litwin

Needs a fries option! -Carrie Marzo