Sunset Junction is an all around viiibe for indie east-siders. And let me tell ya, the Black Cat did not disappoint. The synch community was represented in full force as industry folks gathered way back in the private room – a cozy little spot that’s also close to the restrooms which is just convenient and nice… ya know?!
The burger arrived, round golden buns glistening with freshly warmed sweat, its green lettuce tickling its sides (co-worker assist here). The burger was a little pricey at $16 a pop, but it’s to be expected in LA. I thoroughly enjoyed the burger and all that came with it. The burger came with melted onions, shredded lettuce and raclette cheese (whatever that means). I declined the “sweet and tangy” pickles though. It also came with the assist of warm, crisp fries and TWO dipping sauces. There was ketchup and a thousand island sauce that was amazing and could use for either burger or fries.
I have to admit I’m not the biggest burger buff, but this one got the job done. I left content and fulfilled (and full). Not only that, but the company was amazing. I met some fresh, new faces but was also supported by my girls who came out, leaving me with all the feels. The burger hat was the cherry on top!

Out of 65 people in attendance, here’s how The Black Cat fared:

Appearance: 8

Patty: 7.5263

Taste: 7

Fries/Sides: 7.2631

Bun: 7.2631

Toppings: 6.9473

Value/Price: 6.2631

Service: 8.3684

TOTAL: 7.3289

And Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat tied in the “Who would win in a fight?” category.

Additional Comments:

Tina C.: The best thing was…the sauce.

Sam Hayflich: Didn’t have a burger but the wine was great!

Kristoph J.: The dipping sauce was fantastic. I’ve only been to a few of these, but this was the tastiest burger I’ve had yet. Service was super friendly.

Michael Sherwood: The patty was sadly overcooked and under-seasoned, but the toppings and construction of the burger were truly excellent.

Brayden: That sauce! The fries! The cocktails! The pickles! Really liked this one, the private dining space panned out great too! Service was amazing.

Talia Rubino: Loved the melted onions, really took the flavor up a notch. Also, Brayden should get a dog. Adopt don’t shop :)

Jon Hafter: I liked my cheesy onion-y burger more than the last few. Fries were uninspired tho. Onion-y 1,000 Island sauce a plus.

Jim Cathcart: Sounded good, looked good, tasted bland. Average high end burg. Cheese shoulda been stronger. Fries, while crisp, slightly over-salted. Liked the pickles.

Luke Phillips: This burger really hit the spot. Buttery bun and a very tasty patty. The mushroom topping was a game changer. The best on average burg at BEU this year.

Adam Weitz: Underseasoned like “The OA”.

Lindsey Odom: That 1,000 Island dressing really gave this burger a boost. Loved the dressing options!

Vince Villanueva: This Black Cat burger wasn’t unlucky, but it also wasn’t purrrrr-fect. Filled me up and needed more sauce. Made me want an after-dinner gelato right “meow”, and I ain’t “kitten” around!

Nyiko Beguin: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

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