Haiku (俳句 high-koo) are short poems that use sensory language to capture a feeling or image. They are often inspired by an element of nature, a moment of beauty, or another poignant experience.

This month, Miles and I will pay homage to Bachi Burger’s Asian-inspired roots by expressing our miso meditations, furikake feelings and shishito sensations through poetry.


The Ballad of Bachi (5-7-5 Edition) by Rebecca Rienks

Bachi, friendly staff.
Burgers of much interest.
But too much flavor.

Intriguing choices.
The Kiki’s burger I ate.
Beef, shittake, bacon.

Mushroom, gruyere cheese.
So many ingredients.
My taste buds aflame.

Sauces dance within.
Too sweet onion marmalade.
Garlic aioli.

My bun made soggy.
Structural integrity
Ruined, but I eat on.

Oh, the fries we had!
A fleet of all five flavors.
Truffle parmesan.

Sweet potato fries.
Salt and pepper with garlic.
More sauces to try?!

Dips combine forces.
Yuzu citrus aioli.
Pineapple ketchup.

Better in concept,
The truffle porcini cream.
Just gelatinous.

Thanks, Bachi Burger.
Kind BEU hosts you are.
But, I shan’t return.

Bachi Haiku by Miles Catalano

Want bbq sauce
A Fried egg makes it better
The veggie burger

Out of 22 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Bachi Burger fared:

Appearance: 8.45
Patty: 8.45
Taste: 8.13
Creativity: 8
Bun: 7.66
Toppings: 7.45
Price: 7.49
Service: 8.04
Total: 7.952651

Additional Comments:

“Very good.  Probably the best BEU sponsored burger I’ve had.  Good flavor without being overpowering.” -Geoff Siegel

“Burger too tall for a human face. ” -Andrew Labarrere

“Basic burger, tasty burger.  Bun reminded me of Hawaiian bread, sweet and soft.  Burger was seasoned well.” – Sally Chung

“I had the Bachi Fish Protein style.  The fish was cooked really well and had a tasty teriyaki like sauce.” – Talia Rubino

“This place is so good the rating goes to 11.” -Garrett McElver

“Burger so dericious rots of fravor cleativity so high furikake!!!” – Koichi

“I don’t know how I feel about this place, maybe I was not prepared for all of the tastes, smells and combinations my palate has never experienced? (Insert Joke Here) This feels like Craig Ferguson, less Letterman.  PS: Fries read better on paper than they are IRL.” – Binks

“Cooked very well.  Overall impressed.  Fries not up to par w/ burger.”  – Brian Litwin

“So good that Rienks might sing karaoke!” -Chip Dorsch

“Lost a couple points for the parking and the table.”  -Jazmin M.

“The pizza is to die for!” -Patrick Clancy

“The whole thing was very sweet.  Very good but very sweet.  Bacon tasted right though.” -Manny Montiel

“I get what they were trying to do and I was impressed by how well the patty was cooked but the meat was overpowered by the toppings and bun.” -Michael Sherwood