Ooh-wee—my first BEU restaurant review. “Made it, ma! Top of the world!”
I’m gonna make this review lean and mean, so here it goes.


The good:
– The most lovely and spacious outdoor space of any BEU I’ve attended.
– Got me a remarkably large and well-priced mega mug of pilsner for $10. It was a minor workout (quite literally) to raise that beast of a beer to my lips repeatedly throughout the night.
– The crinkle cut fries: Pretty tasty. Don’t have them too often, so it was a minor treat.

– The curry ketchup: It ain’t Heinz or anything, but it wasn’t bad.

The not so good:
– I ordered my Spoonfed Burger medium-rare, presuming it would be overcooked and come out a solid medium. They mistakenly brought me what they called a medium-well burger, so I sent the “burnt to a crisp” meat slab back (it wasn’t really “burnt”; that’s just part 1 of my 2-part Pulp Fiction reference). I ultimately got the “bloody as hell” crazy stupid rare burger. I had already done a fair amount of masticating before realizing the “raw” truth of the matter but committed to it. Flavor-wise the burger was partly good, partly meh—I’m not sure to what extent the nearly-still-alive quivering pinkness of that flesh was factoring into my perception of the overall taste.

– The price—$18 for said burger and fries. Utterly bananas. The fantasy land version of this burger and fries belched forth from the deepest untapped genius recesses of my dream brain wouldn’t be worth $18.

Having considered all of the above, I would probably return to Spoonfed. I’d skip the overpriced burger and try something else. Although, truthfully, most of the menu seems steeply-priced, so maybe I’d pop by just for the pilsner.

Out of 56 people in attendance, here’s how Spoonfed fared:

Appearance: 7

Patty: 6.8695

Taste: 7.6086

Fries/Sides: 7.3913

Bun: 6.0434

Toppings: 8.0434

Value/Price: 5.0434

Service: 7.7826

TOTAL: 6.9727

And Babyface beat out The Boss Baby, “Baby” by Justin Bieber, and Baby Ruth in the “Who would win in a fight?” category.

Additional Comments:

Koichi: Where are we?

Brayden: One of the best burgers I’ve ever had, honestly! The blue cheese made that burger. And a stein of pilsner was only $10…damn. Saw a lot of “meh” reactions from people but I’m telling ya, don’t buy it – the Spoonfed burger is fire. Also “meatcute”.

Vince Villanueva: Pricey burger and not too many side options.

Jamin: Burger to bun ratio was off, not enough bun or too much burger. Not sure but it was definitely off.

Garrett McElver: Pretty good burger, appreciated the size of the patty, a little expensive.

Ryan M. Carroll: In part, the burger was very tasty; in part, lacking. They brought a medium-well burger when I ordered it med-rare, it was actually mega rare! I hope I don’t die.

Casey N.: Maybe the full moon threw things off?

binks.: I wanted to like this because we tried so hard to get this situated. But, I think I managed to get the one cold burger with the Ore-Ida out of the the bag french fries. My martini was good.

Alex V.: Burger = great. Bun = ass.

Nyiko: Is the ketchup made from heirloom tomatoes?

Peter K.: Luv u Bray!

Ryan Gaines: The price was shocking, but watching Brayden drink a gallon of Pilsner made it worth it!

Jon Rosner: I stayed.

Patrick Clancy: This burger is like the guy that is just about to marry the girl in rom-coms but gets left at the altar. He was fine, but not as good as the main character.

Michael Sherwood: My first burger was wildly overcooked, dry, and chewy, but they replaced it was a much better cooked burger.

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