I was a little bit sold on this place from the get-go when I clicked that link to the menu and saw they had burger + fries + beer combos. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for a great deal! And in general, I don’t know why burgers wouldn’t come with fries to begin with. It’s almost blasphemous.

Blogging about burgers though? Well, this was my first time, and although I was slightly intimidated, that trusty ol’ burger hat put all the feels at ease.

I also liked that this place had some unique burger toppings! Brie on a burger? Sold. Crispy onion strings?! More sold. Bonus points to Sloane’s too that they were excited for us to take over their patio that they gave us a special menu… and these burger + fry + beer combos.

I roll up to Sloane’s with a few friends, and we’re pleasantly surprised by the environment – a cute, home-y feeling patio. I know we can be an overwhelming bunch, but the service was pretty good considering. The portion size was good, although the burgers were a little on the luke-warm side. I ordered the Brie burger and was pretty happy with my selection. Out of a ranking of best burger I’ve ever had and worst burger I’ve ever had – it ranked at pretty good! In my conversations with others, the reviews were fairly mixed on the burgers, but no one seemed overtly disappointed.

I would definitely go back to Sloane’s, but would like to try some of the other food on their menu!

Out of 61 people in attendance, here’s how Sloane’s Valley Village fared:

Appearance: 7.4257

Patty: 8.1017

Taste: 8.3009

Fries/Sides: 7.9835

Bun: 7.4328

Toppings: 7.7747

Value/Price: 7.8018

Service: 8.7297

TOTAL: 7.9438

And Jack Nicholson’s Joker beat out Tommy Wisseau’s Joker and Jared Leto’s Joker in the “Who would win in a fight?” category.

Additional Comments:

Mike C.: Love the vibe, the staff’s enthusiasm.

Alex Waters: The only burger I’ve ever had to chase down Brayden to get a ballot to vote for a burger. I liked it that much (The Bernard).

Edwin Cox: Hmmm, basic. Like a Big Mac patty without the special sauce!

Ryan M. Carroll: Easily my fave burger of the year. I would definitely come back.

Lily Kline-Koenig: Awesome!!!

Danielle Mignogna: Beautiful space, happy to be here!

Brayden: LOVED that damn brie burger. Slap brie on anything and it’s fucking great.

Eric Moromisato: Cozy atmosphere.

Jesse Buensuceso: Great service, great atmosphere, good deal. Burger’s ok…

Erin Okada: The burger was good, but not a huge fan of the super thin patty. Seems like this burger could be $5 cheaper. Great service.

Vince Villanueva: This burger exceeded my expectations. It took the mantra of #BeBest and made it a reality. People say that nothing good happens in the Valley, but they haven’t eaten at Sloane’s.

Brian Vickers: “Yes!!! I am VERY HAPPY to BE HERE!!!” -Prince Akeem (Coming To America)

Luke Phillips: My first BEU – very excited! That being said, my burgin’ may not have been properly satiated at Sloane’s. Great company though!

Alex Valenti: Great patty. Tomato was sog.

Peter Wade: Burger was great and surprising. Cheese was too. Would return.

binks.: I fully reprazent for the local spot, especially since Sloane’s is literally around the corner from my house. The burger was tasty and the fries were better. I will say that the patty seemed pre-made and flat, which we here at BEU do not lovingly abide. I shake my fist at you.

Paul Rocha: Meh. Sorry =(

Talia Rubino: 1) Stoked to live so close to this place. Def will be back to hang and try the Taco Tuesday. Loved the ambiance. 2) Had the burger w/the pork belly. Was tasty and not too heavy but too many crispy onions. 3) Fries were great. And did I mention that I could walk here? Love that.

Casey N.: Happy Halloween!!4 352

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