I felt immediate relief when I arrived at the Cheapshot Manor to see not a single burger amateur at the event.  A dream come true.

Ya’ll, those beef eaters weren’t messin’ around.  I’m talkin’ menus, score sheets, BEU engraved apparel – the whole kitten caboodle.  There’s nothing more impressive than a group of true burger professionals.
After a few brews I was ready to dive in and was served a burger on a Justin Bieber plate (obviously) from the grillmaster himself.
Initially, Cheapshot was getting fancy with those burgs.  Ciabatta buns, swiss cheese, and bacon.  The ratio of burger to bun could’ve used a little work, but the burger itself was cooked to perfection.
After the fancy shit was all gone, Cheap was forced to use normal buns and cheese – and I have to say – those were the best lookin’ burgs of the day.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for bedazzled burgs…but sometimes you just gotta go classic.
The star of the day was Rebecca Rienks, no doubt.  I will forever dream about her burger cookies.  And I hope to one day be as good as she is at life-size jenga.
Bottom line:  This BBQ fuckin’ ruled and I can’t wait for the next one.
Oh!  And I got a BEU t-shirt.
Ya’ll jealous?
Now for the scores….

Appearance  7.43
Patty cooked 8.45
Taste 7.54
Creativity 8.36
Bun 7.81

Veggies 8.55
Price 8
Service 8.5

Overall score: 7.955