One Hamburger, Two Hamburger, Red Hamburger, Blue Hamburger

I know what you’re thinking.

Darren, if you’re going to title your entry after a Dr. Seuss book, you should’ve chosen “Green Eggs And Hamburgers”.

You’d think that. But you’d be wrong. Clearly mine is the better choice.

Anyone that knows me knows my affinity to rhymes and puns, so obviously my first ever BEU post was going to contain both. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a Dr. Seuss-inspired ode to May’s BEU location and fare.

It’s truly un-beef-lievable.


As I climbed out of bed and greeted the day,
I immediately knew what I had to display.

A burger is sure not complete without cheer,
So I had to spread enough so that all would hear.

“It’s BEU Day!” I exclaimed, as I ran about town,
I even made a big sign that I touted around.

I shouted it high, and I shouted it far,
I even told people while driving my car.

“Don’t you forget, it’s BEU today!
And they have to hear it all over LA!”

I took out an ad in the newspapers too,
So that everyone in town knew about BEU.

There was fanfare and glee and a parade to boot!
Soon enough everyone here gave a hoot!

My plan had succeeded in every which way,
Now everyone was celebrating BEU Day!

I’d like, for a moment, to provide a recap,
It won’t take too long, as quick as a catnap.

Mee & Greet, as it’s called, is right in my ‘hood,

Walking distance for me, already starting good.

Tucked away in a plaza, simple and quiet,

But upon opening the door, it turned into a riot!

The tables were packed, the crowd was in a fervor,

Everyone was ready for their tasty hamburger.

Upon donning the hat, I felt the rush of the thrill,

I was ready for my meat that comes from the grill.

The burger was solid, classic and effective,

Everyone can get behind this burger, it’s really not subjective.

No frills, no extra, no fancy additions,

I devoured that burger as if it was my mission.

There is one special thing I need to get across,

And that is the awesome sweet and spicy sauce.

Wow what a flavor! Wow what a tang!

It hit my lips, and my heart, it sang!

Let’s not forget about the fries, man what a taste!
I devoured them all til I turned red in the face.

The burger bun was fluffy, the ratios were strong,

And before I knew it, my burger was gone…

Now the afterglow, the fallout, the somber,

I sat there speechless, I had a burger no longer.

I recollected, reminisced, and thought about my meal,

Mee & Greet, it turned out, was definitely the real deal.

An unassuming joint with an explosive menu,

I will absolutely be back to visit this venue.

A hamburger, you see, is more than just food,

It’s a way of life and a calling, suited for any mood.

We salute you, hamburger, as all of us do,

And toast you with beers at every BEU!

Out of 35 people in attendance, here’s how Mee & Greet fared:

Appearance: 6.7894

Patty: 7.7894

Taste: 7.7894

Fries/Sides: 7.3157

Bun: 7.421

Toppings: 6.5789

Value/Price: 6.5263

Service: 8.63157

TOTAL: 7.3552

And Mr. Rogers beat Bob Ross out  in the “Who would win in a fight?” category.

Additional Comments:

Patrick Clancy: Moist juicy greasy goodness. Ohh ya…

Chris Hires: A little overdone, but the copious sauces made up for it. Could have used more acid, but I always say that.

Casey Newlin: A bit greasy, but still tasty!

Jamin Mandel: Bob Ross was a Master Sergeant in the airforce and a verified badass before he put down the gun and picked up the paintbrush.

Carolyn Richardsen: Parking was no fun! =)

Jon Rosner: West side!

Brayden: Look, I’m a toppings kinda guy, and what Mee & Greet’s cheeseburger lacked in toppings, they made up for in patty quality – so damn fresh! The aioli for the fries was outstanding as well, really dug this place.

Nyiko: I ate this burger and now I believe in love.

Natasha: My burger fell apart almost as badly as the character arcs in the final season of Game of Thrones.

Alex Valenti: This place was hard to find and I’m confused by the noodlez.

Darren Spector: I might be biased b/c this place is walking distance to my apt, but that was a dang good burger. Simple and effective. Solid fries, but a hilariously small amount of ketchup. That burger sauce tho…hoooo eeee!

Ines R.: Meh, but the fries were poppin!

Jon Hafter: Very tasty and well constructed. Fries were whatev but sprouts were the side to get. I wanted to eat some noodles too but that’d be too much food! Only thing missing was another meaty burger option.

Stevi Daft-Blondelle: Who knew a tempeh burger could be delicious?!

Matt Kap: Burger was initially raw in center but the server noticed my sad face and immediately rectified.

Aron Helfet: Juicy slim thicc.

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