Lee Garfinkel”s Diet Coke Commercial, “Diet Coke Break”

That chesty construction worker causing the ladies to armpit sweat is better known as Lucky Vanous. Long before there was a “luxury” burger joint on every corner, Mr. Vanous opened the doors to Lucky Devils in 06. Being considered one of the OGs, did LD deliver?

By 8 something, 17 BEU strong were seated and sippin on their cold drinks delivered by our waiters Mr. Brad & Mr. ?? (blame Rienks for not getting the other name). These guys should be applauded for handling our crew with such ease. The service was one of the best I’ve had since BEU started. Overall, our group gave the service an 8.27….tough crowd.

Appetizer – Mac n’4 Cheese (white cheddar, pepper jack, swiss gruyere, grana padano parmesan $8

The dish arrived promptly and looked tasty and cheesy. However, after a couple bites, my immediate thought was that the cheese on top could have been much crispier and the mac needed more heat. The menu says that there are 4 different cheeses in this dish, but I couldn’t taste the variety. I will say the spiciness made it somewhat enjoyable though.

Burger – Diablo (white cheddar, double-smoked bacon, avocado, wild arugula, thousand island, devil hot sause) $11.50 / Kobe Beef Upgrade +3

As the burgers arrived, all around me were whispers of how shiny and pretty the buns were. While not only being one of the more attractive buns I’ve seen, it also held together as I sliced the burger in half. I call it the “Kojak” bun…pretty on the outside, tough as nails on the inside. I take my first bite and Yummmmmmm!!!!  Now for those BEUers that might disagree, I think the difference might come down to a unique and great option of upgrading the patty to Kobe beef for an extra $3. This, I believe, was why I found the Diablo so enjoyable. At last, there was just the right amount of flavor in the beef that my usual addition of a fried egg was unnecessary (btw, fried egg was not offered as an option). The mix of Diablo sauce and fresh arugula complimented the meat. On top of all that, a generous portion of avocado topped it all off like a warm Snuggie. I was glad I had cut the burger in half because I could now enjoy that 1st bite all over again with the second half. Oh how the beef and double smoked bacon made me smile. Maybe not as much as those office girls were smiling as they met to ritually eye-f**k Mr. Lucky but I certainly found myself sweating in my armpits too. Overall, I would recommend the Diablo burger Kobe style! And in case you were wondering, they serve Coke at Lucky Devils!! Winner!!

Here’s how LD scored…..

Out of 17 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Lucky Devil’s fared:
Burger appearance: 8.27
Patty Cooked properly: 7.05
Overall taste: 6.88
Creativity: 6.83
Bun: 7.11
Toppings: 6.93
Price: 6.29
Service: 8.27

Overall Rating: 7.20 out of 10

Beef Eaters’ Comments
All bun and no fun!”

Burger and Fries were cold”

Blog this Biatch!”

Patty was too dry!”

Good, but melt my face off??? Nope!”

I take full responsibility for ordering the Blue instead of the Diablo.”

Yummy chutney…chew bun..I love!”

Who would win in a fight? Uncle Jessie or Uncle Joey?
Uncle Jessie: 12
Uncle Joey: 5