Little Tart …a little tartHipster Child’s Play

BEU! I’m excited to don the burger hat for the first time as a true “guest” blogger all the way from Nashville! And way to go reserving the whole restaurant VIP status. And with our own BEU pens!! Whaaaaat!

 Now, where to begin? The boss crack fries? The undercooked patties? I think Clancy summed it up best: “It’s like when a child makes you breakfast.” Good intentions, fun presentation, great service with a smile, but perhaps not quite prepared for an onslaught of 30 orders at once.

I have a bit of a problem with the self-proclaimed “hipster” neon sign when you first walk in, but overall the place was pretty fun and dive-y. Mismatched decor and knicknacks covering the shelves, the handwritten chalkboard menu, all in this tiny little strip mall spot with an open kitchen. Again, props to Cheap and team for reserving the place to ourselves. Seriously boss.

Not boss? Undercooked meat. The burgers varied from pink and bleeding to charcoal and hard… and not by request. The tiny kitchen behind the even tinier bar was overwhelmed and eager to please, and didn’t quite pay attention to temperatures. My patty was extremely undercooked, while Sherwood’s next to me was super overcooked.  When you picked up your burger to take a bite, the patty fell apart.  That said, everyone was raving about the beef.  Great quality, all mixed by hand. And despite being not cooked to their liking, everyone still devoured their burgers because the beef was top notch.

Speaking of top notch, the crack fries were straight up crack. None were left behind.  Perfect combination of sweet and savory with a crunch!  The garlic fries on the other hand… I felt like I could still smell garlic 4 days later.  Wayyy too much garlic.  And kinda soggy..? Not sure what was going on there.  They should’ve had plain waffle fries.  Burger toppings were the same – extremely inconsistent, falling anywhere on the spectrum between love and hate.  Always trying to order the signature, I had the “Tart Burger” which was… a bit tart.  Way too much blue cheese! But hey, it looked pretty!

The wait staff was phenomenal and basically disregarded the large [pretentious] “NO MODIFICATIONS” sign, and were quick to swap something out or bring something else if asked.  They were super attentive and very helpful! Oh, and we ordered this incredible lemon pie at the end and they brought out several slices with 10 forks so everyone could indulge! They even let me go into the kitchen to take a couple pictures and dance around :)

Also worth noting: soo helpful to pay when you order!  No waiting around for checks and credit cards… and no awkward moments when the checks weren’t divided it up correctly.  Maybe it’s lazy? Maybe it’s thoughtful? Either way, bonus points for that, Little Tart.

So… somehow…  my burger was undercooked with way too much blue cheese, my garlic fries were so garlicy and soggy that I didn’t eat them and instead snacked on someone else’s crack fries, and yet I left feeling extremely satisfied (and full!) and having had a wonderful dinner!!  Hmmm… kinda like when a child makes you breakfast :)

Good burgers.  Great presentation.  Stellar service.  Absolutely fantastic company.

*Note: photos feature the neon “hipster” sign, the limited edition “I love Beef” pens, and the amazing mirror photobomb!

That’s it y’all!

Appearance: 8.3548

Patty: 7.8064

Taste: 7.8064

Creativity: 7.4516

Bun: 7.9032

Toppings: 7.8064

Value/Price: 7.5161

Service: 8.6129

TOTAL: 8.0279

Nick Lachey beat ZAYN in the “Who would win in a fight?” category by a landslide.

Additional Comments: 

Kristin Genovese: Hold the phone – BEU has their own pens now? Movin’ on up!!! Burger was tight, quality beef – that’s really the star of the show.

Binks: Ok, so this burger came out looking like a prom queen. The belle of the ball. And those CRACK FRIES? My prom queen’s star quarterback of a date…next level, as far as “restaurant” burgers go! OG-stylies, but executed in a proper dine-in way.

Jarrod Bird: Too much blue cheese. Too much garlic on fries.

Jamin M.: The garlic fries were not very good…too soggy and too garlicy. They should have made plain waffle fries…

Koichi S.: I wanted to love it but everything came out a little tart.

Peter Wade: Crack fries good but too sweet. Pickle chips were best side. Simple but workable drink selection options. I’m really f’n FULL…and I liked the paintings.

Geoff Siegel: Good burger. I want every BEU after this to have only us in the restaurant. Can’t deal with the common folk anymore. They like Trump and shit like that.

Russell Nygaard: 2bomb.

Shayna Casey: Crack fries are bomb.

Bradley Haering: Holy shit, bro.

James Cartwright: Nick Lachey in a landslide.

Travis Williams: Ceci n’est pas un commentaire.

Sherwood: Patty: overcooked. Cheese: overpowering.

Edwin Cox: FINALLY!! A great piece of beef! Perfectly cooked @ medium rare. Tasty + pink.

Brayden: This crack is whack.

Jess Ruoti: Sooooo Kristin spilled her beer on me like a goddamn rookie but it’s cool (kewl)* because we shared the American burger and the All-In burger. Although the burgers were cooked inconsistently after being ordered “medium” each burger was devoured with excitement. *because she’s dope.

Liz Rogers: Garlic fries are suuper garlic-y! Patties weren’t consistently cooked…some too well done, some too raw. Sweet potato waffle fries were on POINT!

Patrick Clancy: Everything was good…except the patty! It’s like when a child makes you breakfast. They’re really sweet and the intentions are good but they left the goddamn eggshells in the fuggin fritatta!


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