An Acrostic Journey Through The Cat & Fiddle

The entryway greeted me with a friendly host and a warm glow.

Around the corner, our boisterous crowd had gathered.

Starving, I was, and ready to devour.

The mood was lively, the crowd enchanting, and after several heartwarming greetings, I was ready to order.

Yet, therein lay the conundrum.

Burger headdress adorned, this guest of honor sat unattended.

Unconscionable, oh.. how horribly unconventional was the delay!

Rumbling, aching, YEARNING: the sensations of a neglected hunger.

Gesticulations overlooked, forlorn glances left unmet, the staff numbers seemed to dwindle as time slogged forth.

Eventually was my modest request for sustenance met by a most unwilling participant.

Recoil, avoid, and deflect seemed to be the tools of those who wield the power of the pantry.

Surely, my money must be good here?

Hapless sat I, ravenous, with sympathetic gestures and words from the veterans who had already completed their journey to satiation.

In the ever-marching span of eons, all things come to an end, and the final journey of my patience coincided with the arrival of my burger.

Tender and cooked to perfection, the burger only lacked a pinch of salt.

The type of bacon proffered was “English”, yet was it not just an unflavored ham?

Yet, no complaints had I with the delicious, crunchy, positively GOLDEN “chips” that accompanied my feast of slain beast.

Surely, after such trials and tribulations to receive such a repast, my hunger was slaked, and I was made whole.

Ever the charismatic bunch, our community buoyed my spirits, and all was forgiven.

Ravenous no more, I was free to make merry with friends new and old.

Venerable, indeed, how very honored I felt to be adorned with such vibrant fashion and responsibility!

It was the end of the 2018 chapter in the eyes of these united eaters of burgers.

Cast were the ballots, and now we all anxiously await to see our newest champions emerge.

Exiting the establishment, I remained curious how things may have fared had our great numbers been fewer.

Out of 78 people in attendance, here’s how The Cat & Fiddle fared:

Appearance: 7.5357

Patty: 7.8571

Taste: 6.7857

Fries/Sides: 7.4285

Bun: 6.5

Toppings: 6.1071

Value/Price: 6.3214

Service: 6.8571

TOTAL: 6.924

And Garfield beat out Grumpy Cat in the “Who would win in a fight?” category.

Additional Comments:

Luke Phillips: I enjoy the pub food at Cat & Fiddle. This burger looked incredible but was a bit underwhelming, tho greatly enhanced by the English mustard & vinegar.

Martina Commuzzi: Although I did not technically eat a burger, it sure was delishhhh! Can we start a fish & chips united?

Sarah Scarlata: Burger bliss! The gouda cheese on the BBQ burger was a classy touch. You can also get all Brit Rock + slap some Coleman’s mustard and vinegar in the mix. Mick Jagger approves!

Dan Skerritt: The red onions were aggressive.

Michael Sherwood: So close to a great burger. High quality meat and a great bun, but the patty was woefully under-seasoned, and the onions were bland and textureless.

Alex Valenti: I wish this came with fries :(

Terra Simon: I just want my credit card back from the waiter….

Ryan M. Carroll: The food is a lot better than it used to be.

Al Sgro: The onions were an after-thought. Didn’t really taste the bacon!

Jamin: Value = (price/quality) x volume + 0

Koichi: “That’s how you eat a salad” – Talia R.

Russell Nygaard: Where the Cat & Fiddle?

Brayden: Those fries are so sick. The dressing and vinegar for the fries? Even sicker.

Patrick Clancy: I’ve never been pushed around so much by the wait staff! Oh wait, I would continuously stop in front of the only walkway to the kitchen…

Casey N.: Well, at least we got to spend time together lol.

Paul Rocha: Honestly, I’m super bummed that this place was so underwhelming.

Nyiko: How far will we go to find the best burger LA has to offer? How many burgers is too many? We may never know.

Dan Macken: Can someone turn these fucking space heaters down?

Alex Waters: It just fell apart and crumbled in my hands like the Avengers at the end of Infinity War.


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