On a hot summer evening I head into the Burbank valley after a long work day, I pull into the crowded parking lot and head into the restaurant. As I enter the grille I am greeted by my beef-loving family, and I then adorn the sacred…neigh…coveted Burger Blogger™️ cap.

I say my hellos and get my paws on the Bible of a menu, bound by a spiral ring it resembles a portly cookbook. I buckle down and get down to business.

I know pretty quickly where I am going with my Burger choice. Though I dabble in the burger topping mystic arts, (typically you can find me getting buck wild with some jalapeños and Pepper jack, and bacon obviously.) However on this day, holding the high honor of Burger Blogger, I have an obligation to pick the most simple burger they offer: “The Brewhouse Burger”.

As a restaurant chain I honestly don’t expect much comparatively to some of the premiere venues that tout their “best burger in LA” (but we know better), but given the growth of BEU the last few years I totally appreciate the fact that we can eat burgers together in solidarity.

The burger: Diner style, with grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, (Supposedly the burger supposed to have a Parmesan-crusted bun but I did not taste such a delicacy.) It also arrives with a side of fries..

I christen my burger, cooked medium, and initially surprised with the craft. I would say for it being a chain burger it competes with some $16 and up. Clocking in at a cool $10.75 (with fries) you can’t ask for much more when you are at fat burger prices.

The burger has a great separation of flavor between the savory juice of the patty, with the contrast of the fresh cool lettuce, and balanced out by the toasted bun. It lays on top of a nice golden bad of French fries,  crispy yet soft on the inside, very reminiscent of a classic fast food diner fry.

Did I take this burger down like a cheetah on a gazelle in the savanna? With certainty. Would I do it again? Without hesitation.

I would definitely like to try a more spruced up bacon-ey bleu cheese type of situation.

Being one who is an eater of the beef, and a person who will literally watch videos of the dry aging process, and premium chefs who will cook them into steaks, I really felt I was walking into TGIFridays echelon of burgers. I was mistaken. And for that I’m sorry BJ’s, I misjudged you. You done good. Proud of ya.

Hunter George
Proud Member
Beef Eaters United

Out of 41 people in attendance, here’s how BJ’s fared:

Appearance: 6.5862

Patty: 6.2758

Taste: 6.5172

Fries/Sides: 7.4827

Bun: 7.2758

Toppings: 6.4482

Value/Price: 6.0344

Service: 6.0689

TOTAL: 6.5861

And BJ The Chicago Kid beat out B.J. Novak and B.J. Armstrong in the “Who would win in a fight?” category.

Additional Comments:

Ryan M. Carroll: I know folks had service problems, but I didn’t. Tastier than average.

Sean Novak: Funniest night. Jon Rosner, Chris, + Kristina never got their burgers after an hour and they left!

Satya Fuentej: A burger, while arguably mediocre, that stirs the soul and catalyzes the emotions. I feel everything…and yet nothing at all. A solid & resounding “MEH”.

Sarah G.: While I hoped for the best, I was met with medicre. A single tear falls into my lukewarm beer…

Vince Villanueva: I got my burger fast, but err’one got theirs late. Service made this establishment a “no-return” location.

Patrick Clancy: This place makes burgers?! Maybe they should’ve had more than 2 servers for 50 people…

Russell Nygaard: This is a pizza place…pizookies are my lord & savior.

Noah Shimbaum: Decent burger, good mashed potatoes, nice beer.

Jake: Didn’t come with the happy ending as the name suggests…:)

Rye: “Watch out for Rosner”

binks: I was pleasantly surprised by the Brewhouse burger and our server was definitely trying. Overall, though, this has the stink of chain restaurant on it, even if it may not deserve the derision. BJ’s, I salute you.

Alex Valenti: This service was :( but burger was dank for BJ’s. Heck yeah. I liked the jalapenos spicy AF in all the best ways >:)

Terra Simon: (Turkey burger) not very good :( but the service was fine.

Brayden: Dang, I thought the service was great! Y’all are haterzzz

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