Another bonus are the choices of unique sauces that they have, which included garlic mayo and chipotle mayo. Since we usually roll with a party of 10 or more, it was more convenient to order one at a time at the front counter instead of splitting the check.  Overall I’d say we had a pretty good time, plus the staff was very friendly and even some came out of the kitchen in getting supplies and checked up on us even though its a self serve type of place.

I thought the bun wasn’t the greatest but it was enough of a complement to the burger.  One BEU member said, “Bun was too much, I ended up destroying my burger..” The fries were pretty good but the sauces really did the trick since they had a unique variety of sauces to choose from.  Another BEU member commented, “Fries are supposed to be huge, three sauces! Looking at the dude next to me and his burger looks so good! I feel like mugging him!” And of course we had a member review their Veggie burger and this is what they had to say: “The veggie burger is awesome! They make them home-made and there is no soy and the dude who works here is a vegetarian too – if he’s working in a burger place and he says the v-burger is solid, then I believe him.”

All in all, the Juicy Burger is was very satisfying.

Out of 11 total BEU members in attendance, here’s how Juicy Burger fared:

Burger appearance: 8.2
Cooked properly: 8
Overall taste: 7.9
Creativity: 7.9
Bun: 7.4
Toppings: 7.7
Value: 8.6
Service: 8.6

Overall Rating: 8.064 out of 10

This gives Juicy Burger the new High Score among the burger joints we have sampled. We’ll see if any others can top them soon. Until next time, see you soon beef eaters.



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