We had around 20 attendees that ranged from booking agents, A&R reps, managers, and publishers. As impressive as the folks were that came to this first event we were all shadowed by the fact that Cheapshot flew all the way in from LA to eat a burger with fellow BEU pals! Impressive to say the least! That man loves beef!!

Our first BEU Nashville stop was at a new, trendy joint in town called Bar Louie. I ordered the Louie Burger (with bacon, bleu cheese, buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato, and of course mayonnaise!) and a few Shiner Bocks that took so long to get to me that Aaron Kinssies pointed out were being brought in from Texas.
The presentation (made by a cute waitress, short shorts, low cut top, and must have been AT LEAST 7 months pregnant) was nice. It looked liked a good, greasy burger should but was dressed up a bit more (I’m talking about the burger…not the waitress).

My meat was cooked to perfection and the bleu cheese mixed with buffalo sauce was amazing.

The bun looked good but was a bit tougher than I like. The good thing is that it didn’t get soggy and break apart. The bad thing was that you really had to tear into it. Not the best bun but fortunately i had an ice cold Shiner Bock to help me through it.

Their fries were amazing!! perfectly crispy/salted on the outside and soft inside. Dip that into some mayo European style and you’re on the fast track to obesity and enjoying every bite.

The staff was fantastic. Granted it took too long to get my beers, but the waitresses had a blast and were dying for BEU t-shirts so we obliged and that balanced out the wait for me. The manager treated us like we all were some kind of Pro Beef Eating team that puts hamburger joints under the microscope as we score their meals. I’m glad he recognized that!! After all, we are pros.

I must say the highlight was our conversation about tattoos and Cheapshot showing us his Tramp Stamp. Even more funny than that was Cheapy admitting he’d put on a few unwanted extra pounds a while back and someone came up and asked what “H E A P S H O” means. I laughed so hard i thought I was going to have to get a new score card to rate how well the burger tasted on its way out. But adding unwanted weight does make sense that the “C” and the “T” would stretch out and make your name a bit harder to read. Fortunately, Cheapshot is thin and sexier than ever so that marvelous tattoo our fearless leader has stands out like a Hell’s Angels’ leather vest and commands immediate respect.

But to sum it up, you should try Bar Louie. The burger and staff are worth the $ and the wait! Additionally, you may even see two cute waitresses wearing BEU t-shirts. But don’t look for the pregnant girl. Rumor has it that she gave birth in the kitchen 10 minutes after we left.

We are thrilled to be a part of this dysfunctional institution. Thanks to Cheapshot for allowing Nashville to join! Looking forward to next month’s event!!

Eric Hurt
BEU for Life, Cows for Death

Here’s how Bar Louie fared:
Burger appearance: 6.76
Patty Cooked properly: 6.07
Overall taste: 6.15
Creativity: 6.3
Bun: 4
Toppings: 6.46
Price: 6.61
Service: 5.92

Overall Rating: 6.038462 out of 10