What the hell is Beef Eaters United?  Are you for real?

Yes, BEU is very real.  So real that we’re in our sixth year, with dedicated chapters in three major cities and over 85 burgers (and counting) under (and hanging over) our belts.

We are a posse of film/television/advertising music professionals-slash-burger enthusiasts that convene once a month on a quest to find the best burger in town.  Our group is industry-specific and network focused within the film/TV music community.  We call it “meating and greeting.”  If you are a film/TV music colleague and/or a referral from a current BEU member, please email beefeatersunited@gmail.com to be added to our distribution list.

Why do you limit your group to only people in the film/TV music world?

BEU was started in 2010 by a composer, a music supervisor and an A&R dude.  We all had reason to work together on a film project and it just clicked.  The more concentrated our industry focus can be, the better the experience for all involved.

Why does every meating have a blogger and a scorecard?  Can I blog?   I really like that hat.

Beef Eaters United has an annual awards ceremony, The Burgy’s, to commemorate the highest ranking burger of the season.  Our members score each establishment on a variety of hot button criteria, including quality of meat, freshness of bun, service, price point, etc.  In combination with each seasoned (get it?!) review from one of our dedicated members, the results are then tabulated by PricewaterhouseCoopers* and posted to the BEU leaderboard.  As we said, this is very real.

And, yes, that’s a sharp hat. If you’d like to bend the burger word for us, please inquire at beefeatersunited@gmail.com.

I have a brilliant burger suggestion – who should I tell?!

Bring it on.  We’re always looking for ideas – mom & pop, Michelin-starred, chain or under the radar.  Email your suggestions and any relevant contacts/info tobeefeatersunited@gmail.com.

Who did that spankin’ logo of yours?

Our most talented supporters and fellow burger aficionados, DKNG Studios.  We are BFFs (beef friends forever).


*This is a lie. Obviously.